Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canon setups new research and development HQ in USA

Canon is setting up a new research and development facility in the United States, according to Fujio Mitarai, the current chairman of Canon.  

"We will continue with research and development in Japan, but we want to drive our business diversification by developing new technologies in the U.S., which attracts brains from around the world," said Mitarai.

The move allows Canon to hire researchers in the United States, the home country of the world's most innovative companies like Google, Apple, and others.

"If it's true, it's a wise move.  I'll name off three reasons why.  First, the United States is Canon's biggest market by geography.  They have a great reputation in the film and photography segments and good brand recognition.  Second, it brings a lot of goodwill politically as Canon creates more jobs in the country.  Third, it brings them closer to their consumer and hopefully will bring faster and more rapid enhancements in their product line such as firmware updates in Canon's EOS DSLR cameras.  They will be in for a culture shock, Americans are quick to find opportunities in the products they love, but it's going to be good for Canon if they adjust well," said Don Sausa, a Canon USA CPS photographer.

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