Friday, November 20, 2009

Canon 7D Short Film - World War II

So today's selection is from chidzy182 who makes some awesome hand held footage on the reliable Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens.

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens

Settings: 1080p 24p

Canon 7D Sample Video - Dublin

Here's a nice 24p sample by Philip Bloom. He talks more about his techniques on this particular blog post.

Good technique tip: He does a slow motion of the juggler using 720p 50p with shutter speeds at 1/100th. NICE. The 24p shot at 1/50.

ISO: Canon 35mm f1.4

Lens: Canon 35mm f1.4L lens.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Canon 7D In-Depth Review

One of the most in-depth of review of Canon 7D can be found on the Digital Photography Review web site: What's telling is, that this is more than a mere mock up of a new Canon EOS 50D body. Take a look at these excerpts...

Which brings us to the 7D, a camera that seems determined to wrestle back the king of APS-C crown. At first glance it looks a lot like the EOS 50D - it's unmistakably a member of the EOS family - but a closer look shows that this is far from being the gentle refresh that we're used to seeing in this range. And indeed, this is intended as big brother to the 50D, rather than as a replacement for it.

For a start, the camera is built around a new 18MP sensor, but the thing you're likely to notice before you even fire a shot is the impressive new viewfinder. 1.0X magnification and 100% coverage offers a noticeable improvement over the 0.95X, 95% finder in the EOS 50D and puts the camera on the same footing as the D300S (Its 0.94X finder ends up essentially the same size, once the focal length multiplier effect of its fractionally larger sensor is taken into account).

However, the 7D isn't just a 50D with a new sensor, viewfinder and revised body - other headline changes include a new AF system with a dedicated processor, dual Digic 4 processors and a new shutter mechanism to allow 8fps continuous shooting, and the ability to control groups of external flashguns using its built-in flash. However, the updates extend beyond these big-feature changes to include a variety of tweaks, refinements and additions. Make no mistake, Canon wants to be the default choice again.