Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Film shot on Canon 7D bought by Paramount for $4 million

News has it that 27 year old, Drake Doremus, director for the film Like Crazy, has sold his movie rights to Paramount Pictures for $4 million.

Great job Drake! The film is a debut young starlets Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. They are a couple in a long distance relationship. The plot involves modern storylines of student visas, immigration policies, and U.S. deportation. (For folks actually experiencing this in real life: look up K1 fiance visa)

So what does this say to the DSLR filmmaking industry? Low budget DSLR equipment can deliver the money.

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Review - cheap fish eye lens for Canon DSLR: Vivitar - Fisheye lens - 7 mm

For Christmas, we got a wonderful fish eye lens added to our kit: Vivitar - Fisheye lens - 7 mm - f/3.5 - Canon EF.

Now don't let the Canon EF mount fool you, this is a manual focus only lens. But boy, what an experience! We set this baby loose on the hallways and the video effect is a wonderful addition. You could go with the "dazed" look if the script looks for someone that's drowsy or confused. Or dreamy feel. Lots of applications you can use this in for your film.

What a wonderful addition to our photography and videography kit! The lens sells for around $300, but it is definitely cheaper than the $500+ lenses that's for sale by Canon and other brands.

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