Thursday, May 20, 2010

Canon EF 2x Extender II and Canon 1.4x II Extender - Unboxing and Comparison Video

What are lens extenders?

A teleconverter or otherwise called in the Canon world as an extender, is an inexpensive lens that attaches and increases any compatible fixed or zoom lens. The 2x extender will make your 200mm lens into 400mm. The 1.4x extender will make it 280mm.

In this particular video, we are unboxing the Canon EF 2x II extender and the 1.4x II extender. For a list of lenses that's compatible with these extenders, please see the information on our compatibility charts link.

Why should filmmakers care about these types of lenses?

If you ever need to have supertelephoto capabilities on the go without the additional weight and cost, this is the best option. Note that you will also need to multiply your aperture settings. For instance, a f/2.8 lens will become a f/5.6 lens if you use a 2x extender.

What are good examples of extender use? The 2x extender makes great moon shots. Some filmmakers use the 1.4x extender with Canon's EF 70-200mm L class lenses to have extra reach and there's hardly any loss in sharpness. It makes the maximum length of 200mm into 280mm (200mm x 1.4). Wildlife photography and filmmaking is a great example of when extenders could come handy.

To purchase the Canon 1.4x II extender, click here with free shipping.

To purchase the Canon 2x II extender, click here with free shipping.

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