Thursday, January 28, 2010

Canon EOS 7D wireless functionality -- which flash units work?

Trying to figure out which flash units work with your Canon 7D camera? It is available here:

580 EX II (verified)
580 EX (verified)
550 EX (verified)
430 EX II (verified)
430 EX (verified)
420 EX (verified)
380 EX (No)
270 EX (No)
220 EX (No)
200 E (No)

3rd party
BOWER 680 (Not Likely)
Metz 58 (verified in ETTL mode)
Metz 48 (Likely)
Sigma EF500 DG Super (verified)
Sigma EF500 DG ST (No)
Sigma EF530 DG Super (verified)
Sigma EF530 DG ST (No)

Thanks for forum posters in compiling this.

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