Thursday, December 31, 2009

Camera 7D exclusive: Bean bag for Canon 7D? Edge of the Couch Test

Sometimes you simply can't bring a tripod with you! We bought this Pocket Pod Camera Bean Bag from an third party seller named The Photo Buddy. They were selling it for $26.95 USD. Cheaper than the more popular Steadybag.

Was it a good deal? Here's our product review using Camera 7D's world renown "edge of the couch test".

1. Portable.
2. Very stable for smaller cameras like Canon PowerShots or other point and shoots.
3. Cheap compared to the steadybag.

1. Not enough material inside the bean bag to safely stabilize the heavy DSLRs consistently. If you are using heavy zoom lenses, I do NOT advise you use this bag. Smaller lenses like the primes, and some macros can work fine.

We tested this with professional gear, and point n shoots in practical situations. Point and shoot cameras worked extremely well on weird edges and the "edge of couch" test. A Canon 7D DSLR camera + Rode Stereo VidMic + Battery Pack Grip + Canon 35mm f/1.4L took a bit of time to stabilize on the edge of a couch but we were able to pull it off after a couple minutes reshaping the bean bag. But I definitely did not feel it was stable enough to hold the weight. If you got a small camera, buy it. A big camera, you need a much bigger bean bag like the Steadybag.

The pictures below gives you an idea of how thick this bean bag is compared to a pad of post it notes.

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